The Spa at Seadust offers exclusive massage techniques to restore energy balance, hydrate and soften the skin, decompress muscles, and an abundance of health benefits.

Hot Stone Massage or Thai Massage

50 – 80 min

This holistic therapy consists of a massage of stretching and pressure points favoring blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system, ideal for regaining mobility, relieving muscle tension, and unblocking energy flow.

Hot stones are the perfect element to achieve an energy balance as they help relax the muscles and eliminate toxins.

Relaxing or Deep Tissue Massage

50 – 80 min

Decontracting massage that alleviates chronic pain and muscular tension, specialized techniques will focus on specific areas, activating blood circulation in the area to relieve discomfort.

Enjoy a restful time and enter a state of relaxation with a classic Swedish massage, restoring energy and natural balance to the body.

Prenatal Massage

50 – 80 min

A specific massage to pamper future moms, the treatment is performed with a nourishing oil focusing on the areas of tension that can accumulate during this special stage.

Contouring Massage

50 – 80 min

An energetic and vigorous massage that concentrates on specific areas of the body, such as ab, hips and legs to stylize the figure.